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[this is a draft on an e-mail I am going to send to the customer, reply to the post with any ideas or suggestions]

Dear sir,
Here at MBS, we recently came up with a unique adaption of your original Sokoban strategy game incorporating a "mascot" character, a friendly wizard. He helps players when needed, guides them through the tutorial, and gives them positive feedback about their gameplay.
Our idea is that the game be called "Sokoban's Adventure," with "Sokoban" being the name of the wizard character in the game. We feel that the sense of adventure conveyed by this title will draw more customers interest, and the friendly wizard will make them more comfortable playing the game, by being a "virtual friend" of sorts.
If you would like to meet to discuss this concept further, we would be delighted to set up a convenient time, or you may reply to this e-mail with your thoughts about this new concept for your game. We are confident that it will be a popular new twist on the game, and look forward to hearing your opinion.

Ryan LaBarre
Masterful Business Solutions
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