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Masterful Business Solutions' Journal
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Thursday, August 8th, 2002
11:14 am
Wednesday, December 12th, 2001
8:05 pm


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Saturday, October 27th, 2001
4:06 pm
This is the perfect resource for your chat stuff. You can just modify the source code from one of these JAVA chat programs for our game.


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Sunday, October 14th, 2001
1:48 pm
i just sent out my progress report to Kirsten, and i also sent out the initial C-Req draft to everyone. There's a lot missing or incomplete, so i need help filling that part out. mainly from Del or someone who knows how to BS well or actually knows this weird technical stuff.
Tuesday, October 9th, 2001
5:22 pm
status report
Kevin Kim
mailto: kkim@calpoly.edu

I edited and proof read the rough draft deliverables that were due on October 2, 2001. I assisted in drawing some of the draft storyboards. I researched the topics of multiplayer and chat rooms on the internet and submitted a report on what I found.

List of Late Items:

Problems and Questions:

Time List:
Date Activity Time (hrs)
9/26 Reading course syllabus and online materials .5
9/26 Reading and Homework 1.5
10/1 Reading and Homework 1
10/4 Reading and Homework 1.5
10/7 Research Multiplayer and Chat Room features 1.5

Total Hours: 6 hours
Team Meetings:

Date Meeting Agenda Time (hrs)

Total Hours:

In case your email wasn't working. I need the meeting times/agenda filled in for me though. thanks.
Sunday, October 7th, 2001
5:22 pm
Research on networking and chat systems
Hey, here's all the research i've done for multiplayer and chatroom stuff. The following websites are help guides on networking, we will need to read them or one of us will and then explain to everyone how to do it well:

also, there is a book about java networking which i'll see if the library has or check out at barnes and nobles:
Java Network Programming by Hughes, Shoffner, Hammer

There are also 4 professors who had networking as their specialized field on the cal poly website. i don't know if we should email them or go to their office and see if they can give us a guest lecture. i think dalbey would like it if we got a guest lecture, and it'd be pretty cool too. but they are: John Hsu, Elmo Keller, Mei-Ling Liu, and Hugh Smith.

Now, for chatrooms, i couldn't find too many resources on how to do it. The only website i could find is:
however, this is just an html thing you put in to connect to an irc server on websites i think. The way we'd do a chat is by using iRC clients, but i heard you can use your own proprietary chat system. but i can't find anything on this. maybe one of the professors would know, or we can ask dalbey when he's not the customer.

sorry i can't be there on sunday, but my girlfriend is keeping me here. If you could email me the agenda and the notes on what you guys did on sunday, i'll catch myself up. thanks.

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Thursday, October 4th, 2001
6:32 pm
box social
the mbs team's official box social(party) is this saturday. Contact ryan if you want to go. i suggest you do because i had to pitch in money so that my friends can come even though i'm not going to be there. so you have to have the fun for me.

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9:10 am
Reply from "Mr. Customer"
Sounds intriguing. Why don't you put some specifics into your
draft storyboard?

--mr customer

Must be a busy customer to give such a short reply...we should talk to him about the idea in lab today.

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12:46 am

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Wednesday, October 3rd, 2001
10:07 pm
[this is a draft on an e-mail I am going to send to the customer, reply to the post with any ideas or suggestions]

Dear sir,
Here at MBS, we recently came up with a unique adaption of your original Sokoban strategy game incorporating a "mascot" character, a friendly wizard. He helps players when needed, guides them through the tutorial, and gives them positive feedback about their gameplay.
Our idea is that the game be called "Sokoban's Adventure," with "Sokoban" being the name of the wizard character in the game. We feel that the sense of adventure conveyed by this title will draw more customers interest, and the friendly wizard will make them more comfortable playing the game, by being a "virtual friend" of sorts.
If you would like to meet to discuss this concept further, we would be delighted to set up a convenient time, or you may reply to this e-mail with your thoughts about this new concept for your game. We are confident that it will be a popular new twist on the game, and look forward to hearing your opinion.

Ryan LaBarre
Masterful Business Solutions

Current Mood: professional
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2001
10:04 pm
quality assurance
i think we need some quality breakfast for tomorrow's meeting. i'll pick up some donuts.

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4:14 pm
The Official MBS Journal
This is the official MBS journal, for our team to share their MBS ideas.

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